IAGO AGUADO – Festina Lente


Artist : Iago Aguado

Release Date : March 2019

Label : Underpool

Format : CD

Recorded by Joel Condal at Estudis Ground on July 19th 2018. Mixed and mastered by Ángel Medina. Produced by David Soler and Iago Aguado. Artwork by Emi Breuss

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Iago Aguado Quartet is the result of an introspective creative process drawing on emotions and desires. The result is a highly intimate project of which sensitivity, esteem, and sincerity are the main features.


The eleven original compositions found on Festina Lente feature different landscapes full of unique textures, colors, and atmospheres. Together they form a sound scape made up of a relaxed dialogue full of subtle detail.

David Mengual, David Soler and Oriol Roca are the perfect musicians to collaborate here, providing cohesion, complicity, and comprehension. They bring an intimate feel to the project, thanks to each of their great subtlety and musicality.


Iago Aguado: guitar, compositions
David Soler: pedal steel
Joana Gomila: voice
Miguel Villar: tenor saxophone
David Mengual: double bass

Oriol Roca: drums



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