VRAK’ TRIO & NOËL AKCHOTÉ – Live in Centelles


Artist : Vrak’ Trio & Noël Akchoté

Release Date : March 11, 2018

Label : Label Manivelle

Format : Digital

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Etienne Lecomte. Artwork & Photos by Noël Akchoté. All Compositions as indicated (Copyright controlled). Produced by Noël Akchoté & Label Manivelle – VRA-007 © Label Manivelle / Noël Akchoté Downloads 2018 (All Rights Reserved)


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Live in Centelles is the fifth album by french-catalan Vrak’ Trio (leaded by french flute player Etienne Lecomte) in collaboration with guitarist Noël Akchoté. Together since 2006, Vrak’ Trio has developed a very personal universe combining 20th century written and oral music with influences of world music, avant-garde jazz, electronics and rock.


Live in Centelles was recorded live during the Jazz Centelles Festival (Spain) at Casal Francesc Macià on March 11th 2018 and features new originals, improvised fragments and “Tales of Rumi” by Charles Lloyd. 



  • Etienne Lecomte: flutes, electronics
  • Laurent Guitton: tuba
  • Oriol Roca: drums, percussion
  • Noël Akchoté: electric guitar




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I am

Artist : Paula Valls

Release Date : April 27, 2018

Label : Satélite K

Format : Digital / CD

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Paula Valls –  vocals
David Soler –  guitar, pedal steel, vocals, production
Dani Ferrer –  piano, keyboards, french horn
Miquel Sospedra –  electric bass
Oriol Roca –  drums, percussion, vibraphone
Jonah Smith –  vocals
Laia Cagigal –  vocals
Angel Medina –  production



Artist : Alfred Artigas Quartet

Release Date : December 18, 2017

Label : Underpool

Format : Digital / CD

Produced by Alfred Artigas
All compositions by Giovanni di Domenico and Oriol Roca
Recorded at Underpool Studio, Barcelona
Recording & mixing: Sergi Felipe
Mastering: Joan Hernàndez
Artwork & design: Robertiko Ramos and Pepon Meneses

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Permiso és la banda sonora d’un Alfred Artigas viscut, ple d’experiències que inspiren les vuit composicions originals d’aquest disc on les diferents cares de l’amor en són protagonistes.

Personatges com McArthur Wheeler, l’atracador convençut de ser invisible, Eroerido, que gravita sobre la necessitat de ferir de mort l’heroi que la societat ens convida a encarnar, o Ullapool, una escena de repòs després de la batalla, són el punt de partida per escoltar un quartet que sap descriure a la perfecció cada una de les històries que trobem a Permiso.

Artigas, que manté una forta relació amb l’illa de cuba ha inclòs també en aquest disc una versió d’un bolero que va popularitzar Benny Moré, Fiebre de ti i ha encarregat a l’artista cubà Robertiko Ramos la portada, que el propi autor descriu amb ironia com una versió tropical d’ El Jardí de les delícies del Bosco i que ens parla d’una manera d’entendre la vida i la música.


“Permiso es un  trabajo en equipo, sentimientos compartidos y ambientes fabulosos.” Candido Querol, B-Ritmos (ESP)


Alfred Artigas – Guitarra

Toni Siagi – Piano

Marc Cuevas – Contrabaix

Oriol Roca – Bateria


DAVE BIANCHI – Kashmir Sweet House

Kashmir Sweet House

Artist : Dave Binachi
Release Date : December, 2017
Label : Whatabout Music
Format : CD/Digital

Recorded at Dry Town Studios, Barcelona

Mixing & Mastering: Dave Bianchi 

Production: Dave Bianchi


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The fourth album from Whatabout Music founder and producer Dave Bianchi. A much more stripped-down approach to his music, featuring orchestral work with violinist Lisa Bause and cellist Sasha Agranov.

“Kashmir Sweet House” also includes Dave’s cover of PJ Harvey’s “The Garden” from her 1998 album “Is This Desire?”



Dave Bianchi: vocals, guitars, keys
Lisa Bause: violin
Sasha Agranov: cello
Miguel Serna: bass
Oriol Roca: drums
Yally Street: bassoon on “Kashmir Suite”
Ivo Saint: additional violin and solo on “Kashmir Suite”
Paolo Atzei: sitar on “Kashmir Suite” and “Mazes”





Artist : Oriol Roca Trio
Release Date : September 15th , 2017
Label : el NEGOCITO Records
Format : CD

Recorded at Studio Grez, Brussels February 18th 2017

Mixing & Mastering: Manolo Cabras 

Production: Oriol Roca & Rogé

 Artwork & Photography: Àlex Juan 


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***  MAR Best Jazz Album 2017 Award  *** –  XX Premis de la Música Catalana / Enderrock  


The Barcelona percussionist Oriol Roca has performed alongside some of the best improvisers and composers of creative music in Spain, as well as collaborating with European figures like the Italian Paolo Angeli and Norwegian Jan Bang. But this is the first time Roca leads and writes music for his own band with the album Mar, published by Belgian label el NEGOCITO Records.


Mar is a record of high emotional intensity, sometimes serene and at others volcanic, where north is always the melody. His two fellow musicians of the trio are Italians living in Brussels who he has shared projects with for fifteen years: the pianist Giovanni di Domenico, collaborator of Jim O’Rourke and Arve Henriksen and the double bass player Manolo Cabras, sideman of Enrico Rava and Charles Gayle.


It’s an uneasy serenity Oriol Roca settles into on his new recording Mar.  All of the ingredients necessary for a strong dose of tranquility are present: melodic fragments suggestive of possible endings, the murmur of percussion like slow, easy breaths while dreaming, and highly-charged, vivid imagery.  But the drummer, along with his trio of pianist Giovanni Di Domenico and double bassist Manolo Cabras achieve a tone that is subtly ominous and reveals a strange beauty. Bird is the worm (USA)


“Oriol Roca est de ces batteurs qui nous démontrent, par cette grande sensibilité qui le caractérise à la fois comme musicien et comme compositeur, que l’art de la percussion consiste à souligner l’impulsion d’une musique, non de taper sur quoi que ce soit. ‘Mar’ est un album gorgé de plaisirs éphémères, une musique qui prend le temps d’être concise, pour aller à l’essentiel et ne dire les choses qu’une fois.” Citizen Jazz (FR)


“Oriol Roca est un batteur d’une sensibilité frémissante qui ne manque pas de muscle pour autant. À l’écoute de ce magnifique trio, son jeu n’a cessé de nous renvoyer à l’un des plus grands percussionnistes qu’ait connus la free music, l’immense Barry Altschul (Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton), dont Oriol apparaît aujourd’hui comme l’évident héritier.” Focus Vif (BE)


“The magnetizing and extremely minimalistic playing leads to an almost mystical listening experience where every feeling of time and space disappears. A surprising listening trip” Jazzhalo (BE)


“Oriol Roca est un excellent batteur qui nous offre un album sobre et profond qui ouvre une infinité de portes pour l’avenir de ce trio, que l’on suivra avec intérêt.” Improjazz (FR)


Un trabajo pausado, plácido y envolvente, que requiere su escucha atenta Tomajazz (ESP)


  • Giovanni di Domenico: piano
  • Manolo Cabras: double bass
  • Oriol Roca: drums


Label: www.elnegocitorecords.com

Booking: www.elcolmadomusic.com




Sons Of Liberty / Live at Granollers

Artist : Memoria Uno

Release Date : July 1, 2017

Label :Multikulti Project (PL)

Format : CD/Digital

Recorded Live at Casino de Granollers (Barcelona) by Adrià Vidana Ruiz on February 26th, 2016.
Design by Witek Oleszak

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There it is, the third album – after Crisis and Cook For Butch – of an amazing group of Iván González Memoria Uno. The name says everything about the author’s intentions and does so in virtually every language in the world. The group was formed to form the world of new exciting music, keeping in mind the multidimensional history of the art of improvisation, composition and directing, drawing from it, with enormous enthusiasm.

Every concert of Memoria Uno is a unique event both, due to the fact that the members of the orchestra change month to month, but also due to the personal and instrumental size, applied improvisation techniques, accumulation of musical personalities responsible for the final effect.

Ivan picks musicians for Memoria Uno who know his working methods well, but who at the same time are proficient enough improvisers to deal with every stage situation. The concert with Granollers proves it in its every second.

If the phenomenon of group improvisation has for years been the London Improvisers Orchestra, then the case of Memoria Uno proves that the competition on the European music scene is growing at a supersonic speed.

Before the original listening of this recording, you will not be provided with an extensive perception manual. Too many words could significantly limit your imagination. Immediately launch this disc and let every sound be a surprise!


Liner Notes by Andrzej Nowak, Trybuna Muzyki Spontanicznej
  • Iván González, conduction
  • Julián Sánchez & Pol Padrós, trumpets
  • Tom Chant & Albert Cirera, tenor and soprano saxophones
  • Alfonso Munoz, alto and baritone saxophones
  • Christer Böthén, bass clarinet
  • Pablo Rega, guitar
  • Agustí Fernández, piano
  • Johannes Nästesjö & Àlex Reviriego, doublebass
  • Núria Andorrà, percussion
  • Oriol Roca & Ramon Prats, drums
  • Sonia Sánchez, dance in Conducción #77 ( Part V and Part VI)


My Ship

Artist : Mut Trio
Release Date : April 15, 2017
Label : Fresh sound Records
Format : CD

Recorded at Dry Town studios, Barcelona on March 15th 2016

Recording engineer: Dave Bianchi

Mixing and mastering: Josué Pascual

Artwork: Alex Juan

Producer: Mut Trio

Executive producer: Jordi Pujol


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On the Barcelona scene (and beyond) the leaderless MUT Trio has a unique and idiosyncratic voice. It’s a voice that combines sparse structures and eloquent improvisation. A voice in which space and silence are equal partners alongside the instruments. It’s a voice that continues to evolve on this, their forth recording.


The MUT sound still features Miguel Fernández’s agile tone and minimal, fragmented phrasing, Albert Juan’s infinite textures and melodic refraction, and the cymbal-infused percussive landscapes of Oriol Roca… but with the addition of occasional live collaborator Masa Kamaguchi on bass, the sonic palette has broadened a little. Yet in bringing this deeper timbre, Kamaguchi is at home with the ‘less is more’ MUT philosophy and adds a variety of string-rattling subtleties without the slightest injury to MUT’s trademark mesmerising flow and cliché-free clarity.


MUT Trio is about melody. Often partial, splintered even; tuneful shards are repeated, turned over, given fresh response, pushed through the looking glass, creating unpredictable journeys for the listener. From the precision and pace, to the hint of the souk, or the folk-ish roots of their music… some possibilities only become apparent (or possible) once in motion, and MUT are in constant motion.
It’s been said before – notably by Ornette Coleman – that you cannot intellectualise music without diminishing it in some way, what really matters is the emotional response. MUT Trio’s music is primarily an emotional endeavour: curiosity, melancholy, joy (from quiet to fierce), liberty, wonder, and warmth, this is music alive with feeling.

Text by Dave Foxall

  • Miguel Fernández: tenor and soprano saxophones
  • Albert Juan: guitar
  • Oriol Roca: drums
  • Masa Kamaguchi: double bass





Artist : David Mengual Slow Quartet & Carme Canela
Release Date : April 19th, 2017
Label : Bebyne
Format : CD

Recording engineer: Sergi Felipe

Recorded at Estudis Underpool, Barcelona on February 24th & 25th 2017

Mixing and mastering: Dave Bianchi at Dry Town studios

Producer: David Mengual

Executive Producer: Iñaki Sandoval

Photography and artwork by Carles Roche


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El poemario de Sandro Penna, complementado con la poesía de Màrius Sampere, ha sido la semilla que ha generado el nacimiento de esta nueva propuesta. Sus poemas, empapados de gritos ahogados, y llenos de musicalidad, han sido el embrión perfecto para cocinar las composiciones de este disco. Sin duda la persona mas cercana, humana y musicalmente, a esta sensibilidad estética y formal, es la gran cantante Carme Canela. Su personalidad, trayectoria y musicalidad, encaja perfectamente con la intención del proyecto. El gratificante resultado de este encuentro, ha derivado en este disco. Se podría resumir en tres palabras: Sinceridad, emoción y felicidad de encontrar un espacio de libertad y expresión. La música retratada en este disco, es como si fuera una huella del itinerario creativo del proyecto, que no contempla ninguna posibilidad de abandonar el proceso. En la grabación, crecen las colaboraciones de Benet Palet, Sandrine Robilliard y Marco Mezquida.


  • David Mengual: double bass
  • Carme Canela: vocals
  • Pintxo Villar: tenor sax, vocals
  • Dani Pérez: guitar
  • Oriol Roca: drums
  • Sandrine Robillard: cello
  • Marco Mezquida: accordion
  • Benet Palet: trumpet



SKRUFFY BACKPACKS – Unmentionable Plagiarism


Artist : Skruffy Backpacks
Release Date : July 28, 2017
Label : Nuevas Músicas Colombianas NMC
Format : CD/Digital

Recorded on February 2014 at Underpool Studio (Barcelona, Spain)

Sound engineer and mixing: Sergi Felipe

Music by: Juan Pablo Balcazar

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  • Juan Pablo Balcazar: electric bass
  • Dani Comas: electric guitar
  • Miguel “Pintxo” Villar: tenor and soprano saxophone, piano, vocals
  • Oriol Roca: drums


Contact & booking: www.jpbalcazar.com



Artist : Roger Puig
Release Date : September 3, 2016
Label : La Casa Calba
Format : CD

Recorded on September 2014 and March 2015 at Teatre de Ca l’Eril (Guissona, Spain)

Sound engineer and mixing: Joan Pons

Mastering: Yves Roussel

Photography and artwork: Maider Mendaza

String arrangements: Aleix Puig

Music and lyrics: Roger Puig

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Roger Puig: vocals, backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars

Enric Gómez: electric bass

Artur Tort: piano and Philicorda organ

Oriol Roca: drums and percussion

Nico Roig: electric guitar and backing vocals

Quartet Brossa (Aleix Puig, Pere Bartolomé, Imma Lluch, Quico Pugès): strings

Joan Pons: acoustic guitar, backing vocals, banjo, keyboards and analog tape

Roger Mas: backing vocals


Contact & booking: www.lacasacalba.org