‘MAR’ Oriol Roca Trio – Chronique sur Citizen Jazz (Disque élu 2017)

MAR (el NEGOCITO Records 2017) by Oriol Roca Trio


“Oriol Roca est de ces batteurs qui nous démontrent, par cette grande sensibilité qui le caractérise à la fois comme musicien et comme compositeur, que l’art de la percussion consiste à souligner l’impulsion d’une musique, non de taper sur quoi que ce soit. ‘Mar’ est un album gorgé de plaisirs éphémères, une musique qui prend le temps d’être concise, pour aller à l’essentiel et ne dire les choses qu’une fois.” Citizen Jazz (FR)


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‘MAR’ Oriol Roca Trio – Album review by Bird is the Worm

MAR (el NEGOCITO Records 2017) by Oriol Roca Trio


“It’s an uneasy serenity Oriol Roca settles into on his new recording Mar. All of the ingredients necessary for a strong dose of tranquility are present: melodic fragments suggestive of possible endings, the murmur of percussion like slow, easy breaths while dreaming, and highly-charged, vivid imagery. But the drummer, along with his trio of pianist Giovanni di Domenico and double bassist Manolo Cabras achieve a tone that is subtly ominous and reveals a strange beauty” Bird is the Worm (USA)


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Photo by © Joan Cortès / Tomajazz


“My Ship” by MUT TRIO – (★★★★) Album review on Jazz Journal

“It’s the creative tension between ad libitum abstraction and an invigorating range of pithy assertion which—for all the aforementioned historical precedent—gives this striking session an ever-stronger impact each time it’s played.” Michael Tucker (Jazz Journal 2017) 


My Ship (Fresh Sound New Talent 2017) by MUT TRIO & Masa Kamaguchi  / Miguel Fernández (tenor and soprano sax), Albert Juan (electric guitar), Masa Kamaguchi (double bass), Oriol Roca (drums)

“I’ve always found the material on the New Talent side of the Fresh Sound label of interest and this compelling release from the Barcelona-based (and curiously named) MUT group is no exception. Usually a trio, here the group is augmented by Japanese bassist Kamaguchi. Pizzicato throughout—hear the potency of his figures within the building, thickening group textures of Torrance or the patient clarity of his solo on A Is to B—Kamaguchi fits seamlessly into what sleeve-note writer Dave Foxall aptly calls the spare structures and eloquent improvisation characteristic of the music.


Each musician is a fine player. Fernandez evinces incisive yet also painterly control of both textured sound and arching dynamics (witness the tenor opening of What’s Now?) while Juan and Roca are as one in their sensitivity to the interplay of cross-phrased “little sounds” and subtle colour. Anyone who appreciates the leaner or more oblique aspects of Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter or Sam Rivers—or who has relished the interaction of Joe Lovano, Bill Frisell and Paul Motian, for example—will find much to enjoy here: sample the opening moments of What’s Next?


MUT can burn, as in the offset drive of What’s Next? and Robot Skin, both of which feature Juan at his most linear and lyrical. But if there are welcome smears of blues-touched drama in Cançó sense lletra, the delicate opening guitar figures of My Ship recall the atemporal musings of Derek Bailey, an impression reinforced by the briefly plucked figures at the end of Caned. It’s the creative tension between ad libitum abstraction and an invigorating range of pithy assertion which—for all the aforementioned historical precedent—gives this striking session an ever-stronger impact each time it’s played.”


Michael Tucker (Jazz Journal Magazine, August 2017)


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Al habla con… Oriol Roca / Entrevista en Tomajazz

El baterista Oriol Roca ha publicado en septiembre de 2017 en el sello belga El Negocito Records, la nueva grabación del Oriol Roca Trio, titulada Mar. Acompañado por el pianista Giovanni di Domenico y el contrabajista Manolo Cabras presentará esta propuesta (grabada en febrero de 2017) en directo en 29º Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (viernes 15 de septiembre de 2017), y Jamboree en Barcelona (sábado 16 de septiembre). Ambos conciertos y la mencionada grabación son la excusa perfecta para charlar con este músico acerca del Oriol Roca Trio, y también de sus últimas grabaciones y proyectos: MUT TríoVrak’ Trio Memoria Uno (proyecto ideado por Iván González en el que participa). Como complemento a la entrevista con Pachi Tapiz, en HDO 310 suenan sucesivamente temas (el sonido del cambio de LP lo anuncia) de grabaciones de estos grupos, y también de la Piccola Orchestra Gagarin.


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Visita la galería fotográfica de Joan Cortès para la presentación de Oriol Roca Trio en el 29è Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, también en www.tomajazz.com

MAR · New album by Oriol Roca Trio

The Barcelona percussionist Oriol Roca has performed alongside some of the best improvisers and composers of creative music in Spain, as well as collaborating with European figures like the Italian Paolo Angeli and Norwegian Jan Bang. But this is the first time Roca leads and writes music for his own band with the album ‘Mar’, published by Belgian label el NEGOCITO Records.



Mar is a record of high emotional intensity, sometimes serene and at others volcanic, where north is always the melody. His two fellow musicians of the trio are Italians living in Brussels who he has shared projects with for fifteen years: the pianist Giovanni di Domenico, collaborator of Jim O’Rourke and Arve Henriksen and the double bass player Manolo Cabras, sideman of Enrico Rava and Charles Gayle.


Oriol Roca will be playing two album release concerts on Sepetmber, at 29th Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (Vic, Spain) on September 15th 2017 and at Jamboree Jazz Club (Barcelona, Spain) on September 16th 2017.


Album available on www.elnegocitorecords.com



MUT TRIO featuring Masa Kamaguchi · New album

We are so happy to announce Mut Trio upcoming album My Ship featuring Masa Kamaguchi on double bass!

Miguel Fernández: tenor and soprano saxophone

Albert Juan: electric guitar

Masa Kamaguchi: double bass

Oriol Roca: drums



Photo by Enrique Crespo ©


Piccola Orchestra Gagarin second album Vostok has just been released!!


PAOLO ANGELI: prepared Sardinian guitar, vocals

SASHA AGRANOV: cello, vocals

ORIOL ROCA: drums and percussion


“Vostok is fearless Mediterranean fusion with a Cold War space exploration theme and an absence of unnecessary formalism. Sounds good to me… and it sounds better with each listen ” Dave Foxall, A Jazz Noise


“En serio, el salto que ha dado el grupo de seis años a esta parte es cósmico. Si el primer disco era la grabación de su segundo concierto, fundamentado en la casi más absoluta improvisación, ahora nos ofrece una versión de estudio (pre)meditada, muy bien estructurada y con la novedad de la incorporación de varios temas con firma” Carlos Pérez Cruz, El Club de Jazz


“Il trio fornisce una serie di input all’ascoltatore, input talmente forti che l’ascolto di “Vostok” diventa una di quelle esperienze che, seppure per soli quaranta minuti, ti inchiodano alle cuffie o alle casse dello stereo” Gianluca Dessì, Blogfoolk





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SLOW & CANELA · Tour 2016

David Mengual Slow Quartet & Carme Canela

Slow is a project going back almost four years and with an album U (Bebyne Records) warmly welcomed by the specialised critics. During this time, and after concerts everywhere, it has grown and matured, becoming a stable quartet with great affinity and musical communication. The compositions are originals, written with the aim of creating a thoughtful, sincere dialogue helping to compensate for the impossible pace at which we have to live, this time accompanied by one of the greatest singers in the country, Carme Canela. After this year’s tour, Slow & Canela will record a new album to immortalise this most productive time.

Carme Canela vocals, David Mengual double bass, Miguel Villar saxes, Dani Pérez guitar, Oriol Roca drums.


24 June – Jamboree Jazz Club (Barcelona)

25 June – Nova Jazz Cava (Terrassa)

1 July – Celler Modernista (Sant Cugat del Vallès)

23 July – Nits d’Estiu a La Pedrera (Barcelona)

24 July – Nits d’estiu a La Pedrera (Barcelona)

13 November – Cafè Auditori (Sant Cugat del Vallès)



GIOVANNI DI DOMENICO & ORIOL ROCA · Live at Festival de Jazz de Vic 2016 by Carlos Pérez Cruz (concert + audio interview)

Giovanni di Domenico & Oriol Roca – Live at 18 Festival de Jazz de Vic 2016

Concert + interview from May 2016 with Spanish journalist Carlos Pérez Cruz (www.elclubdejazz.com) discussing the recent album Live in Centelles with pianist Giovanni di Domenico, the duo background, Japan, free improvisation and more… Click here to listen to the whole interview