Good Times Bad Times


How can a link be forged between Led Zeppelin and jazz? How does the legacy of one of the most legendary rock bands sound in the hands of a jazz trio half a century on? What are the bridges connecting the different periods and sounds? The answer to these questions may just lie in the hands of the double bass player David Mengual, the guitarist Jordi Matas and the drummer Oriol Roca. Because this trio has decided to absorb the creations of Plant-Page-Jones and Bonham and turn them in a totally free, personal direction, transferred to the terrain of improvised, acoustic music. The essence of Zeppelin can definitely be tasted in each of the trio’s compositions but, at the same time, it is merely a starting point for projecting a new sound and an interplay that is always alive and constantly evolving. Good Times, bad times.


The musical paths of guitarist Jordi Matas, double bass player David Mengual and Oriol Roca have crossed frequently over the years. On 2013 they finally decide to get together as a trio and tribute the music of Led Zeppelin. Occasionally the trio is joined by italian piano player Giovanni di Domenico.



JORDI MATAS: electric guitar

DAVID MENGUAL: double bass



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