PAOLO ANGELI: prepared sardinian guitar

ORIOL ROCA: drums, percussion


“Paolo Angeli, que je suis depuis quelques années maintenant, ici il a trouvé un complice à sa mesure: Oriol Roca est un batteur énergique et créatif.” Joël Plagier, Jazzman Magazine (FR)


If you have never seen Paolo Angeli play live, you shouldn’t miss it next time he’s around. The musical universe coming out from his uniquely prepared Sardinian guitar make him one of the most creative musicians in our days. Collaborator of Fred Frith, Evan Parker or Hamid Drake, Angeli is the best partner one can have to explore unknown musical latitudes.


Oriol Roca is one of the most prolific musicians of his generation. His melodic approach to the drums and his versatility allowed him to build strong bounds with a large number of musicians from the jazz-improv and contemporary European scene. Either if he’s playing in solo, trio or in a big ensemble, you’ll be captured by Roca’s musical intensity.


Angeli and Roca (both based in Barcelona) they started playing together almost ten years ago with the band Piccola Orchestra Gagarin. Through these years they have built a complicity that allows them to go anywhere they like, creating a palette of super-saturated colors and unbelievably varied textures.


The destination is not important, the path is what matters to them. Each concert is a non planned journey in which Angeli’s unorthodoxness guitar playing meets Roca’s complex and subtly surprising approach to drums and percussion. This duo is essentially a celebration of freedom.


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