Barcelona based TàLVEG is a collaborative trio installed in an incessant search for new textures, chasing the light behind dark atmospheres and desolate landscapes, combining a palette of super-saturated colors with lyrical passages. The music unfolds in the form of an oratory building a narrative flow from the combinatorial possibilities that they explore as a trio.


Tàlveg’s first long play album Arbori is a 10 piece oratorio which comes after Ses-Sens, their first 4-track EP debut.


At the bottom of the whole, where the slope ends, there’s a dry path that once carried water, but today there are imperceptible sounds which we do not hear of how deafening they are.
The bustle of a sick and deaf world is far away, so it stirs the bowels of those who walk there.”



MARCEL·LÍ BAYER: baritone sax
FERRAN FAGES: electric guitar


“Tàlveg is one of the most interesting new trios on the European avant-garde scene.”  Maciej Lewenstein (PL)



contact: talvegmusic@gmail.com



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