Baby Disco

Artist : Dave Bianchi

Release Date : January 28, 2009

Label : Whatabout Music

Format : CD

Recorded, mixed and produced by Dave Bianchi at Emergency Room Studio (Barcelona). All songs written by Dave Bianchi except People Are Strange (The Doors)

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Baby Disco (2009) was Dave’s first full-length album, with a featured cover of The Doors’ “People Are Strange”. The version had national radio play, with rock legend Alice Cooper humorously claiming on his own radio program Nights with Alice Cooper that ‘there’s nothing stranger than Dave’. The single “That Stare” had an accompanying video, directed by Laurent Briet, who helmed videos for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, Tori Amos, and many more. The 21-piece orchestra on this album truly highlights Dave’s arranging and orchestration skills…


  • Dave Bianchi : guitars, rhodes, piano, voice, vibraphone
  • Maru DiPace : acoustic guitars, harp
  • Oriol Roca : drums
  • Miguel Serna : bass
  • Sasha Agranov : cello, saw
  • Emma Gawlinski : flute, sax
  • Sam Watson : clarinet
  • Brian Bender : trombone
  • Ivo Saint : violin, viola
  • Amanda Jayne : accordion
  • Daniel Da Lança : backup vox “Vicious Game”
  • Daniel Gil : electric guitar “That Stare”
  • Clara Peya : piano “Last Tango”
  • Emiliano Roca : bowed double bass “Baby Disco”
  • Mû : simbi “DH Hell”
  • Daiho : toys


Here Inside

Artist : Samantha de Siena

Release Date : May 4, 2010

Label : Whatabout Music

Format : CD

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It’s easy to imagine Samantha De Siena lost amongst the cobbled streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, laughing at the moon and piecing together the eight little gems that make up this bohemian dreamer’s sublime debut album, Here Inside. It’s very difficult not to fall to your knees at her feet while listening to a piece as delicate as I’m Coming. It almost sounds like a subtle mixture between the most transparent of Beth Gibbons and the most disconcerting of Cat Power.


  • Samantha de Siena / voice, acoustic guitar
  • Ismael Dueñas: piano, rhodes
  • Maru Di Pace: harp, acoustic guitar
  • Ivo Saint: viola, violin, handsaw, spoken word Here inside
  • Sasha Agranov: cello, saw
  • Nicholas Dominic Talvola: trumpet, flugel horn
  • Miguel Serna Dominguez: double bass, electric bass
  • Oriol Roca: drums
  • Mû: bells, pan
  • Sebastian Crispo: slide guitar
  • Borja Duñó: electric guitar
  • Marc Curcio: electric guitar
  • Danny ‘the Lip’ Lippitt: harmonica
  • Amanda Jayne: accordion
  • Paul Sessions: tuba
  • Dave Bianchi: glockenspiel
  • Pablo Arias: backing vocals
  • Rizumik: beatbox, voice, acoustic guitar





A compilation of songs, as fragile and delicate as her voice, enriched with exuberant arrangements which carry us into a universe as luscious as a greenhouse garden… Her music, which isn’t easy to classify, reminds us of Joanna Newsom’s dreamy folk. Time Out Magazine (June 2010)


Singer-songwriter debuts with an evocative and beautifully unique voice. The music matches perfectly, reminding us of the graceful way in which Tom Waits dishevels his own albums. El Periódico (September 2010)


Folk, coloured by strong influences of jazz, accompanied with delicate arrangements, together paint the beautiful picture that characterises this composer. Her voice at times reminds us of Beth Gibbons from the nineties, and at other times echoes Cat Power in her first albums. Here Inside is an elegant exercise in style, and a wonderful demonstration of the spell that was cast over this city, as it gave birth to new talent within each music genre. Mondosonoro (November 2010)