Oriol Roca Trio




MANOLO CABRAS: double bass



Oriol Roca rebondit d’une rythmique à l’autre, colore plus qu’il ne percute, dessine des mouvements d’air plus qu’il ne structure Diane Gastellu, Citizenjazz (FR)


Spanish drummer Oriol Roca has been writing music for several years; it can be heard in many jazz albums, theater plays, or contemporary dance pieces. But this is the first time he decided to write for his own band. Choosing two long-time partners such as Giovanni di Domenico and Manolo Cabras -both Italian musicians settled in Brussels- to form his trio was something he already decided long ago.


The natural communication among them -build after more than 15 years playing together- creates the perfect canvas for Roca’s subtle music, that demands at the same time a strong musical personality. But piano player Giovanni Di Domenico (Nate Wooley, Arve Henriksen, Jim O’Rourke) and double bass player Manolo Cabras (Toots Thielemans, Eric Vermeulen, Ben Sluijs) are definitely two of the most personal voices in the European jazz/impro scene, and they fit to perfection.


The result is a music with no boundaries, with a strong melodic approach, filled with a continuous listening and interplay and a large amount of space, where fragile melodies meet intense Ornette’s-like jumpy and hilarious musical parts.


Oriol Roca est un batteur doublé d’un percussionniste à la recherche de colorations nouvelles. Claude Loxhay, Jazzaround  (BE)


I’ve been poking around drummer Oriol Roca‘s music for a couple years now, and he always finds a way to gain interest Dave Summer, Bird is the Worm (USA)


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