Artist : Oriol Roca Trio
Release Date : September 15th , 2017
Label : el NEGOCITO Records
Format : CD

Recorded at Studio Grez, Brussels February 18th 2017

Mixing & Mastering: Manolo Cabras 

Production: Oriol Roca & Rogé

 Artwork & Photography: Àlex Juan 


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The Barcelona percussionist Oriol Roca has performed alongside some of the best improvisers and composers of creative music in Spain, as well as collaborating with European figures like the Italian Paolo Angeli and Norwegian Jan Bang. But this is the first time Roca leads and writes music for his own band with the album Mar, published by Belgian label el NEGOCITO Records.


Mar is a record of high emotional intensity, sometimes serene and at others volcanic, where north is always the melody. His two fellow musicians of the trio are Italians living in Brussels who he has shared projects with for fifteen years: the pianist Giovanni di Domenico, collaborator of Jim O’Rourke and Arve Henriksen and the double bass player Manolo Cabras, sideman of Enrico Rava and Charles Gayle.


It’s an uneasy serenity Oriol Roca settles into on his new recording Mar.  All of the ingredients necessary for a strong dose of tranquility are present: melodic fragments suggestive of possible endings, the murmur of percussion like slow, easy breaths while dreaming, and highly-charged, vivid imagery.  But the drummer, along with his trio of pianist Giovanni Di Domenico and double bassist Manolo Cabras achieve a tone that is subtly ominous and reveals a strange beauty. Bird is the worm (USA)


“Oriol Roca est de ces batteurs qui nous démontrent, par cette grande sensibilité qui le caractérise à la fois comme musicien et comme compositeur, que l’art de la percussion consiste à souligner l’impulsion d’une musique, non de taper sur quoi que ce soit. ‘Mar’ est un album gorgé de plaisirs éphémères, une musique qui prend le temps d’être concise, pour aller à l’essentiel et ne dire les choses qu’une fois.” Citizen Jazz (FR)


Un trabajo pausado, plácido y envolvente, que requiere su escucha atenta Tomajazz (ESP)


  • Giovanni di Domenico: piano
  • Manolo Cabras: double bass
  • Oriol Roca: drums


Label: www.elnegocitorecords.com

Booking: www.elcolmadomusic.com

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