Catalan Sounds 2

Artist : Various artists

Release Date : february 1, 2010
Label : Catalan Arts
Format : CD

Oriol Roca appears on the track Wisdom from the album La Tomba dei Giganti by Oriol Roca.


The Institut Ramon Llull presents the new edition of Catalan Sounds, a guide to some of the most interesting music on the Catalan and Balearic scene: some two hundred groups and solo artists that make up a very representative sample of Catalan musical creativity in all its quality, variety and individuality.

Catalan Sounds covers an exceptionally diverse spread of talent, from solidly established outfits to brand new line-ups, with a view to making them and their music known to a wider public. Catalan Sounds is conceived, in short, as a readily usable and effective tool to help promoters and events organizers give all kinds of audiences the chance to enjoy really great music.
The Institut Ramon Llull has a remit to disseminate and promote the Catalan language and Catalan culture abroad. At the present time it is a consortium of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the government of the Balearic Islands. The Institut’s Performing and Visual Arts Department provides an international information and advisory service to promoters, awards travel grants to artists and works with leading venues and festivals around the world.

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