When Smart Girls Do Stupid Things

Artist : Leslie Helpert

Release Date : March 4, 2014

Label : Whatabout Music

Format : CD

Dave Bianchi: Production, Sound-design, Recording/Engineering
Charlie Wilson: Recording, Post-Production Mixing, Mastering

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Returning to Barcelona in November of 2011, Leslie recorded this as a sort of score to a film, or a concept album. She spent one month before working in the studio with Dave field-recording the streets of Barcelona and turning the sounds of the city (street cleaners, bicycles, pedestrians, festivities) into beats and textures and base tracks for the song structures. During pre-production, Leslie wrote various thematic dialogues for the EP and recorded people reading in their own mother tongue. She wanted the album to be part parody, part emotive exploration… and what you have is “When Smart Girls Do Stupid Things”….


  • Leslie Helpert: Composition, Lyric, Dialogue, Monologue, Sound Design, Pre-production recording, Midi Synth, All Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Percussion, Vocals
  • Oriol Roca: Drums
  • Miguel Serna Dominguez: Contrabass and Electric Bass
  • Fran Bartlett: Cello
  • Sinead Savage: Backup Vocals, Peaches
  • Danny Lippitt: Backup Vocals, Peaches
  • Duffy O’Brick: Monologue, Peaches, Vocals on last track: “Tro(out)”


Spoken Dialogues: Antoine Casteignau, Eila van Reck, Amanda Jayne Wright, Andrea Cirotto


Technical and creative support: Leonardo Aldrey, Samuel Watkins Fisher, Taylor Rankin, Patrick Ferguson, C.K. Koch, Count Kellam, Yann de Kéroullas



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