Cook For Butch

Artist : Memoria Uno

Release Date : February 25, 2016

Label : Discordian Records

Format : CD/Digital

Recorded by Lopinski and El Pricto on October 21, 2015 at Jamboree Jazz Club, Barcelona. Mixed and mastered by Lopinski. Cover design by El Pricto. Back cover design by Aorita. Produced by Iván González and Discordian Records

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Valentín Murillo: flutes

Marcel·lí Bayer: alto sax, bass clarinet

Albert Cirera: tenor and soprano sax

Julián Sánchez: trumpet

Alex Reviriego: doublebass

Ramon Prats: drums



Marco Mezquida: piano



Oriol Fontclara: alto an baritone sax

Tom Chant: tenor and soprano sax

Pol Padrós: trumpet

Frédéric Filiatre: trombone

Marc Cuevas: doublebass

Oriol Roca: drums


Conducted by Iván González

Track 4 co-conducted by Albert Cirera

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