Artist : Leslie Helpert

Release Date : November 24, 2009

Label : Whatabout Music

Format : CD

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On Ulu Helpert conspired with musicians from Spain, Greece, Guinea, Israel, Portugal and California to add cello, harp, Gaida (Greek bagpipes), upright and electric basses, vocals, trumpet and drum-kit to her musings. Helpert’s musicality comes through on the release in the form of guitar, Rhodes piano, electric bass, percussion, beatboxing, and her effusive vocals. Throughout Ulu, Helpert draws you in with her intoxicating style, using music a modality to deliver art into the moment. “Young Coconut Water”, the EP’s single, embodies this dreamy elegance.


“An ULU is an all-utilitarian tool Inuit women inherit to carry out many tasks in their daily lives, from chiseling ice for igloos to cutting their children’s hair. whatever dowry a man is promised in wedding an inuit woman, and whatever possessions she must hand over to him, no one can take— desire nor request—her Ulu.
I traipsed to Barcelona, stumbled into intoxicating love and adventure, wrestled burglars, buffered my immune system: made this EP with Dave Bianchi on Barcelona’s label Whatabout Music.” Leslie Helpert


  • Leslie Helpert: electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, random organ, noise
  • Oriol Roca: drums
  • Giulia Valle : double bass
  • Miguel Serna : bass
  • Nicholas Talvola : trumpet
  • Mû : vocals
  • Sasha Agranov : cello
  • Dimitris from greece : guida



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