“We will have to keep an eye on this trio, they share the same freedom that Henri Threadgill had during the 70s and 80s.” Candido Querol, B-Ritmos (Spain)


Vrak is a French-Catalan trio (first prize in Concurs de Jazz de Barcelona 2007) leaded by french flute player Etienne Lecomte. Together since 2006, Vrak Trio has developed a very personal universe combining 20th century written and oral music with influences of avant-garde, European jazz improv, electronics, contemporary and traditional music.


Vrak Trio’s first album TLS-BCN Live (Label Manivelle 2008) was recorded live at Mandala Jazz Club (Toulouse) and at Jamboree Jazz Club (Barcelona). Two years later, new original music is recorded on the second album 37 Avril (Label Manivelle 2010).


Over the years, the trio has collaborated with many other musicians, visual artists and dancers in different side projects. On 2011 The Crossroad Project included Spanish guitarist Jaime Pantaleón, Polish saxophonist Radek Knop and Finish video artist Mia Makela. The album Crossroads Project (Label Manivelle 2011) was recorded live at Théâtre de la Scène Nationale de Narbonne.


Spanish dancer Anna Rubirola was invited to collaborate on Vrak’s project Miró Dansant, a tribute to the catalan abstract surrealist painter Joan Miró. The project explores through movement and music a series of Joan Miró’s pictures, working methods and his approach to instant creation. The album Connivence (Label Manivelle 2015) features new originals, improvised fragments and music extraits from Miró Dansant. This album also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the band.


On 2015 the Barcelona-based MUT Trio joins forces with Vrak Trio to revisit the legendary album by Carla Bley and Charlie Haden The Ballad of the Fallen. This protest album is based on revolutionary songs from Spain and Central America traditional songs and free jazz. This work conveys a message of hope. At the time of multiple revolutions in the world, Vrak Trio and Mut Trio gather to offer a reflection on the actual moment, offering a link with the entourage and the current situation, based on today’s popular music that evoke the same problem and the same optimism as the 1983 record.


On 2018 Vrak Trio started an exciting new collaboration with French guitarist and improviser Noël Akchoté (a key figure on free improvisational music, and best known by his solo work and memorable collaborations with Derek Bailey, Sam Rivers, Lol Coxhill, Fred Frith, Evan Parker, Han Bennink and many others). Original music by all members was planned to be played on Vrak and Akchoté’s first meeting, in which they recorded the album Live in Centelles (Label Manivelle 2018) during the concert at Cicle de Jazz i Músiques Improvisades de Centelles (Spain).



ETIENNE LECOMTE: flute, electronics


NOËL AKCHOTÉ: electric guitar

ORIOL ROCA: drums, percussion






“Somewhere between avant-garde jazz and Zen philosophy.” El País (Spain)


“Vrak Trio flees from encumbrances and holds absolute freedom when it comes to sculpting its cathartic discourse.” Miguel Ángel Sánchez Gárate, B-Ritmos (Spain)


“Going from blunt and almost danceable rhythms, to dislocated fragments where the trio seems to have found a space and an eccentric language, somewhat cold and spooky, in which they navigate with absolute tranquility.” Jack Torrance, Tomajazz (Spain)



VRAK’ TRIO & NOËL AKCHOTÉ – Live in Centelles


Artist : Vrak’ Trio & Noël Akchoté

Release Date : March 11, 2018

Label : Label Manivelle

Format : Digital

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Etienne Lecomte. Artwork & Photos by Noël Akchoté. All Compositions as indicated (Copyright controlled). Produced by Noël Akchoté & Label Manivelle – VRA-007 © Label Manivelle / Noël Akchoté Downloads 2018 (All Rights Reserved)


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Live in Centelles is the fifth album by french-catalan Vrak’ Trio (leaded by french flute player Etienne Lecomte) in collaboration with guitarist Noël Akchoté. Together since 2006, Vrak’ Trio has developed a very personal universe combining 20th century written and oral music with influences of world music, avant-garde jazz, electronics and rock.


Live in Centelles was recorded live during the Jazz Centelles Festival (Spain) at Casal Francesc Macià on March 11th 2018 and features new originals, improvised fragments and “Tales of Rumi” by Charles Lloyd. 



  • Etienne Lecomte: flutes, electronics
  • Laurent Guitton: tuba
  • Oriol Roca: drums, percussion
  • Noël Akchoté: electric guitar




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